The Future of Transportation

I am a student studying to acquire a degree in EE (Electrical Engineering) at the University of Texas at San Antonio. One concern I have is how long the world’s oil will last and what alternatives can be used to expand the time we have until the oil is gone. “According to BP’s Statistical Review of world energy there are 1.333 trillion barrels of oil left which would be enough for up to 40 years of usage at the current rate”(Jeremy Williams). Although it may be hard to stop consuming oil at such a ridiculous rate there are ways to slow the usage, one being the development of electrical cars.

The electric car may seem new but the thought of one came long before now, in fact the first vehicle to ever run on electricity was produced in 1972 by “Victor Would, the Godfather of the Hybrid”(Pbs). From that time to now there have been many advances in the production of the electric car and mass production of this car is soon to come by Nissan, Chevrolet, and Mitsubishi.

The pros of the electric cars are obvious, we will make our natural gasses on this earth last much longer and hopefully in another twenty years not have to depend on them anymore. By not using these gases we will do the world a solid by producing less carbon than our normal gas powered cars use now. We will also not be spending an enormous amount of money on gas; some think that using the electricity might be more expensive but the truth is that “the charging of an electric car which can take about two hours is the equivalent to leaving a light bulb on for two hours which people do every day” (Shell Martin).

Although there are pros the cons are also going to be there as well. One of them is that the production of the batteries that are used for the electric cars produce more carbon than regular cars. Even though this is true in the long run the electric cars will reduce the carbon in the air and off balance how much they put out when produced. Another argument that they tend to make is that the spare parts that would have to be bought for replacements on the car are way expensive and it would be difficult to find someone to put them on. This statement is true as well but as the cars are produced more the parts will become more available and there will be more mechanics learning about the car.

In the future electric will be the way to go there will be more and more advances on the production of the cars and hopefully gas cars will become extinct. Little by little the gas usage will shrink and the world will be getting a bit “greener”. We can expect a few bumps along the way but the rewards will be great.

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Freedom was given to me on the day I became a United States citizen. Freedom to me is my right to express myself in any way I choose. Freedom is defined as having liberty of action or thought, independent. Self-governed or not controlled by an outside party also is the definition for freedom. Freedom has different meaning to each individual this makes it extremely hard to sum up the word.

When referring to freedom these words are often associated: Liberty, independence, sovereignty, privilege, immunity, and indulgence. Everyone has the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Independence is granted by freedom in the sense that an outside party does not control you. Privileges are granted through freedom. A dictatorship does not recognize individual rights and the government holds unlimited power over men(Ayn Rand). In the United States we are given rights that protect them from the government when dealing with how they want their lives

Freedom has many boundaries just as it has privileges. Everyone is allowed freedom of speech, where to yell bomb on an airplane they would be taken to jail. The government does have the right to limit what people say, but cannot take it away from them completely. Freedom of expression is also given to you by the united states constitution. But there are also laws that limit the freedom to that right. The government has decided that people are allowed to express themselves however they see fit with in the guideline the laws have set for the citizens. if a person chooses to go outside those boundaries they are likely to face consequences.

If there were a formula to determine freedom it would probably include a person’s right to have many choices. In everyday life people choose what they are going to do that day. People also make bad choices that cross the line of the law and in turn are punished. When people make decisions they have to take liability or responsibility for their actions or choices. If a teen decides to steal a Lambo and gets caught he will be forced to suffer the consequences. I made a choice to do this blog for the reason that my grade will become much better, of course I could be doing other fun things at the same time but the positives outweigh the cons. The teen who steals the car now has to live up to what he did. His consequences will probably be jail of some source of probation. he had the choice his freedom to do what he wanted, and now has to live with the consequence of the choice he made and take responsibility for his actions.

Freedom is given to United State citizens by the constitution. Limitations and restrictions can be placed upon a individuals freedom but their freedom will never be taken away. In order to have freedom everyone must make choices. After they make choices they then have to take responsibility for those choices they have made. Everyone must deal accordingly with the consequences of their choices they have taken responsibility for. If people did not have freedom they would have nothing.

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Sir John Ambrose Flemming

Sir John Ambrose Fleming is one of the great men of radio and electronics. Although not a very commonly known engineer such as great names like Leonardo da Vinci who is known for his amazing paintings, Henry Ford who was by far the most important man in the automobile business with the invention of the first internal combustion engine, or Wilbur and Orville Wright two American inventors who built the first successful airplane in the world; Sir John Ambrose Fleming’s invention of the Vacuum tube is by far one of the most important inventions for modern day electronics. For those who do not know what a vacuum tube is, it is one of the very important components to a television, computer screen, radio, amplifier, and transmitter (  Without this invention we would not have any of these everyday tools.

Sir John Ambrose Fleming was the oldest of seven and pretty much had to look after himself for his parents were busy with six others. He was born in Lancaster but lived most of his early life in North London. He had to pay his way through a university college school on Grower Street west of east London. He main studies were in physics and mathematics; after he completed his degree in 1870 he attended graduate school at Cambridge College under Professor Maxwell who gave him a strong foundation in electricity and magnetism ( This gave Fleming the Knowledge to make the next best invention. In 1884 Sir John Ambrose Fleming took his work to America where he first worked with another well-known engineer Thomas Edison the genius inventor of the electrical age who invented the first ever light bulb and had over three hundred other patented inventions. Edison would also give Fleming knowledge for his invention, the most important thing taken from Edison’s findings was the Edison effect. Which is the flow of electrons from a metal or metal oxide surface, caused by thermal vibrational energy overcoming electrostatic forces holding electrons to the surface.(  After returning Fleming worked for the Marconi Company where he engaged in the first ever wireless transatlantic transmission (

Although this was done there would need to be more research and work applied to make the wireless transmission and even better for widespread use. The main problem was the lack of signal detection and amplification this was needed because the communication between the two was very patchy and not very understanding. Crystal rectifiers, which are electrical devices that convert alternating current to direct current, were then used to help the signal ( Although this helped Fleming wanted to create a better way this is when he first developed the electronic rectifier. He decided to name It an oscillation valve, but later was named the vacuum tube. This was thought to be the birth of electronics. Later Lee De Forest an American inventor further improved on Fleming’s vacuum tube by allowing greater control of current.

Sir John Ambrose Fleming was clearly an engineer who created a great invention that sculpted modern electronics. Although his name is not known as many of the top inventors are if it weren’t for him we would not have our big screen televisions, computers, radios, even cell phones. He is a pioneer in the electronic world and without a doubt one of the greatest engineers of all time.

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