Freedom was given to me on the day I became a United States citizen. Freedom to me is my right to express myself in any way I choose. Freedom is defined as having liberty of action or thought, independent. Self-governed or not controlled by an outside party also is the definition for freedom. Freedom has different meaning to each individual this makes it extremely hard to sum up the word.

When referring to freedom these words are often associated: Liberty, independence, sovereignty, privilege, immunity, and indulgence. Everyone has the right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Independence is granted by freedom in the sense that an outside party does not control you. Privileges are granted through freedom. A dictatorship does not recognize individual rights and the government holds unlimited power over men(Ayn Rand). In the United States we are given rights that protect them from the government when dealing with how they want their lives

Freedom has many boundaries just as it has privileges. Everyone is allowed freedom of speech, where to yell bomb on an airplane they would be taken to jail. The government does have the right to limit what people say, but cannot take it away from them completely. Freedom of expression is also given to you by the united states constitution. But there are also laws that limit the freedom to that right. The government has decided that people are allowed to express themselves however they see fit with in the guideline the laws have set for the citizens. if a person chooses to go outside those boundaries they are likely to face consequences.

If there were a formula to determine freedom it would probably include a person’s right to have many choices. In everyday life people choose what they are going to do that day. People also make bad choices that cross the line of the law and in turn are punished. When people make decisions they have to take liability or responsibility for their actions or choices. If a teen decides to steal a Lambo and gets caught he will be forced to suffer the consequences. I made a choice to do this blog for the reason that my grade will become much better, of course I could be doing other fun things at the same time but the positives outweigh the cons. The teen who steals the car now has to live up to what he did. His consequences will probably be jail of some source of probation. he had the choice his freedom to do what he wanted, and now has to live with the consequence of the choice he made and take responsibility for his actions.

Freedom is given to United State citizens by the constitution. Limitations and restrictions can be placed upon a individuals freedom but their freedom will never be taken away. In order to have freedom everyone must make choices. After they make choices they then have to take responsibility for those choices they have made. Everyone must deal accordingly with the consequences of their choices they have taken responsibility for. If people did not have freedom they would have nothing.

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